Monday, October 29, 2012

Oh Sandy

Sun has set...or has it? The sky is so dark.

Even though we are hundreds of miles away from Hurricane Sandy, a "Frankenstorm" of historic proportions that is just now coming ashore in New Jersey, this part of Vermont is expected to get hit hard with gale force winds.

Things are picking up too. Not sure how long we'll have power. Tied a jump rope to the porch door as it kept banging around, making the dog start every time it hit the jamb. Seems to be the only sound Chuck can hear, poor old guy.

Did I mention the moon is full? Even the full moon is contributing to the weather events.

I know nothing, really, about weather or astronomy, but tonight, with the thick, ribs of black clouds giving way to bits of darkening sky and the whistle of the wind coming through the cracks of the house, it's hard not to feel a bit unsettled.

Tonight, making a barley risotto, baked squash and searing a sirloin of local, grass-fed beef. Kids are listening to an audio book and I am drinking red wine.

Three cheers. To family, to nature and to learning how to bend in the wind.

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