Monday, July 09, 2012

Cleaning up and Cleaning out!

I am now in the vice-like arms of a particular bug...the neurotic-must-clean-my-house bug.  I've adopted an 8 yard dumpster which I've filled once (and is almost full again) and have a truck load of clothes and toys to take to Salvation Army...and I still have three more rooms to clear out!

In the meantime, to keep my creative juices flowing and give myself a tangible reward beyond a less-cluttered house, I'm working on my attic room - a sweet, crooked little space off my bedroom with dreamy morning light and a cool, private staircase into the kitchen. I've been scouring pinterest and design sponge for ideas and although I'm short on cash and time, I'm determined to make this space my own before teenage goddaughter C. and her friend travel here from California for a two week home stay in Vermont.

So here's a bit of video, to give you an idea of what I'm working with:

And a few still shots:

Wish me luck and I'll keep you posted!

Sunday, July 08, 2012

2012 - 1972 = 40

I am going to turn forty. Soon. A year ago, this reality hit me in the gut. Literally. 

At first, it wasn't too big a deal, as I was running most days a week, doing yoga, eating well, but a temporary medical issue cropped up and I had to take it easy. After awhile, my work schedule got more crazy, I got really stressed and my preventative health took a back seat. As cold weather hit, I decided to make an exercise schedule on my Google calendar, determined to shed those last 10 pounds to hit my ideal-ized weight and panicked when I realized I was a lot farther than I was a few months before. 

This spun off into joining a gym, looking at super foods for youthful skin and increased metabolism, reading articles about healthy aging, and even some late night web surfing inspiration about famous forty-something celebrities (yep, I went there).  I started eating quinoa and kiwis, bought a $30 eye cream and as I squinted to read the tiny print on the back of the tiny bottle, tried to squelch the dread that I may need reading glasses.

39 on the left, 17 on the right. Ack!

I did not totally freak, but yeah...I did freak a little.

Then, I started spending lots of time with a new friend and found myself too busy to think about proliferating gray hairs, sagging necks, creaking bones and spotty memory. Work and life are still insanely busy, but it's been a really good few months.

Now, 7 months later, as I restart my exercise routine and seek balance for my full and happy life, I realize that I really do like myself, and although I'm a work in progress, I'm in a good place.

I want to be healthy and fit, but not at the expense of a healthy psyche and perspective, so it comes back to this never ending and joyful pursuit of life in the present. Besides, there are real benefits to being older and to being this wonderful age and I intend to seek them out with gusto. 

So yes, I admit it. I bailed on my yoga and running (although I've started them again!), and my diet is back to normal with the added benefit of incorporating some pretty damn yummy "super foods", (that's a separate posting!) and I am still figuring out the time thing, but my Dad's voice often pops up in my head "It will work out one way or the other". 

So...I'm gonna throw a party and clean my house instead.

Stay tuned!